The world’s first and only Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro Residency!

The world’s first and only Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro Residency!

The first and only official Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro Residency program in the world.



Paris Saint-Germain’s professional training expertise brought to you in the United States.


Focused on developing the next generation of soccer players.

Located in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area (Florida), the state-of-the-art Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA Campus and Headquarters is home to Paris Saint-Germain in the U.S., hosting the world’s first official Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro.

The Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA Campus, an environment uniquely set up for ultimate performance, is designed to help student-athletes optimize their development.

The Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA campus represents the standard of excellence for youth soccer in the U.S., equipped with top-of-the-line equipment and amenities focused on elite performance (locker rooms, fitness center, meeting rooms, video analysis room, etc.).

As the Headquarters of Paris Saint-Germain Academy in the United States, the Campus also features a stadium with up to 20,000 seats available, offices, expansive meeting rooms and teaching/learning areas, as well as VIP hospitality areas.

PSG Academy Pro Residency


World-class Paris Saint-Germain programming and methodology

The Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro follows the club’s environment of professionalism. Players are given the opportunity to be guided and taught based on a highly-rated professional European philosophy and world-renowned club methodology, with a proven track record of developing world-class players.

All-encompassing training

Players are pushed to an unparalleled level of physical and mental development, maximizing their potential to achieve their individual goals. Through daily training sessions, the goal is to be present at each stage of player development to foster holistic improvement, for success on and off the field.

A multi-disciplinary dedicated staff

Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro comprises of UEFA/FFF licensed coaches with a solid background in youth development supported by a multi-disciplinary dedicated staff to provide a fully professional environment (Coaching, Sport Science, Fitness, Match Analysis, Medical, Management, etc).

Individual approach to player preparation

Immersion in a professional routine, including individualized skill development aligned with mental development and nutritional guidance to prepare student-athletes for high-level training and competition.

Professional and cutting edge technology

GPS technology, video analysis and professional evaluation of practices and games are used to identify and address players' weaknesses.

Elite competition

Our student-athletes compete at a very high level, participating in carefully chosen elite competitions featuring league games, international scrimmages, and highly competitive local, national, and international tournaments. The competition schedule is defined by the technical staff to bring the highest individual and team development opportunities. Our student-athletes will travel like professionals and share experiences and memories through immersion in a professional and competitive environment.

Annual participation includes one international trip to Paris to discover and experience full immersion into French soccer’s highest standards and being exposed to play at the highest level.

PSG Academy Pro Residency

Professional player regimen

The Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro technical program follows the best-in-class Paris Saint-Germain training methodology, focused on shaping intelligent players.

All training sessions reproduce game situations to prepare student-athletes for real-game scenarios to analyze and find solutions as a part of an active learning process. The programs are designed to meet age-specific objectives, leading to an excellent understanding of the game. Student-athletes will develop high levels of confidence and will be prepared for competition, with the knowledge and skills to make the best decisions in every game situation.

Through a development program carefully designed by the Paris Saint-Germain Technical staff, the Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro curriculum addresses seasonal training periods, daily training sessions, rest periods, and elite competition.

Student-athletes are encouraged to push and exceed their limits to reach a professional level improving their tactical, physical, technical and cognitive skills.

Develop your intelligence, understanding and vision of the game

Tactical and cognitive development: concepts, formation, model of play

Mastery of coordination and technical skills

Physical preparation (strength and conditioning) 

Injury prevention plan: team and individual

Individualized and specific programs: by position, lines

Mental preparation: practices and games  

Team building: communication

Performance monitoring: practice and game analysis

Invisible training: nutrition, rest, hygiene, recovery


By enrolling at the Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro, you receive the best environment to be able to become a professional soccer player. However, you are not guaranteed to become a professional football player and we do not make any promises to be signed, placed, or receive a pro contract. 

Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA sets high standards when choosing and training their technical coaching staff. All Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA coaches have been trained by the Paris Saint-Germain Academy Technical Staff in Paris and hold the highest UEFA/FFF coaches licenses.